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Downloading Slow, Maybe caused by Wireless..


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A few weeks ago, I setup a router, That's when everything to do with torrenting Lagged like hell, browsing the Net seems fine, just downloading I guess.. I never really looked into it till last night. And I'm 95% it's to do with my ports. (I get the Orange/Yellow light in utorrent) The top Speeds I get is like 23k. So after i Realize it's my port, I go to the site Utorrent Speed guide sends me to, and try to set a static ip. No matter how I go about it, I've been on 5-10 different sites trying to set a static IP. But when I put all information in. and apply it, I lose Internet connection.

I did a speed test without any downloads and here it is:


When I tried setting a static IP a few hours/hour ago, It seemed to work when I set it in Windows, then I open my router's config page, set a static ip in there, put DNS servers and stuff. and then I get a Microsoft disconnected. So I try to "Repair it" and it comes up with "cannot connect to DNS: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx." (Not in them words, But that is the basic outline of it). I realize I can't forward a port it either, But that should have something to do with I don't have a static IP?

Also I have change no advance settings in uTorrent. The current Port I have set is:


But it's not forwarded.

Need any more information to help me, just ask, I will get it ASAP.

Side Note: My Router is: Belkin 54G

Firmware Version: F5D7230v4_UK_6.00.14

ISP: VirginMedia (Telewest)

OS: Windows Vista

Woohoo..I setup a static ip, thing I was doing wrong before I was inputting my External IP, when I should of inputted my LAN IP. Anyway, It's green now, sop I'm happy, Can anyone tell me what speed I should set through?

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