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Utorrent ipfilder.dat - on xp pc showing blocked ips, on Vista pc not?


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I have an XP pc with utorrent 1.6.1 being used in conjunction with an ipfilter.dat file (using download site and instructions found on this forum) when i run uttorent in the log it shows [11:33:07] Loaded ipfilter.dat (232021 entries)

and in the log it shows lots of ips being blocked

on another pc on the network but running Vista and utorrent 1.7.5 i have followed the exact some method and installed the exact same ipfilter.dat file (i copied it over from the xp machine) and on starting utorrent i get the same

Loaded ipfilter.dat (232021 entries)

but it's not showing any ips as being blocked

p.s. the xp and vista machine are both downloading the same file

now i realise it may just be coincidence but it just seems very weird that the xp machine shows ips being blocked while the Vista doesn't - any ideas?

does this mean that for some reason the ipfilter is not working on the Vista machine??

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But I think a better explanation is the Vista computer is probably firewalled while the XP computer is not.

µTorrent only reports blocked ips for incoming connections. It never tries to make outgoing connections on ips listed in ipfilter.dat...so no message ever appears in LOGGER tab because of it.

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software wise they are both using the same versions of zonealarm free and avast

now on the router front - i've very familiar with static ips, port forwarding etc done it loads of times.

I have xp pc set up as static ip say xxx.xxx.xxx.150 and Vista pc as xxx.xxx.xxx.151 and their respective ports are 1 different i.e the xp pc is xxx150 and the Vista pc is xxx151 - i've double checked the router and like i said i've done this loads of times for programs games and so on, so everything in my router is ok.

The settings in utorrent for both machines is the same BUT..........

on the xp pc i get the green tick and on the vista pc i get the red icon saying firewalled - i've tried various combinations of upnp disabled or not - no difference

as an aside i tried downloading a different file - ubuntu iso - on both machines and i get the full speed up and down on both machines or just using one machine - i get the same speeds up and down on the xp machine (no other downloads on any other machine) with the green ok icon AND if i stop the downloading on the xp machine and start on the Vista i get the same full up and down speeds even though it's showing a red firewalled icon?

Is this is a utorrent on Vista bug? Or a failing in vista??

as they both seem to up and download fully i'm not sure if this proves anything with relation to my ip block messages under xp but not in Vista?

Just to add something here - i've been trying a few things on the vista machine - if i have a peer that has been downloading for a while and with a good strong upload/download and i add his ip to the ipfilder.dat and then right click and update ipfilter, he disappears!! so i gues it is working - i tried it on a few peers - only thing is i couldn't add a single entry to ipfilter.dat e.g say the peer was 123.456.789.123:5670 i had to enter it as

123.456.789.123-123.456.789.123,5670 - seems a bit funny that 123.456.789.123,5670 didn't work

I'[ve also been doing some pinging and have a slight concern, if i do a dns lookup on mpaa.org i get which looking in ipfilter.dat seems to be in the range which is listed in ipfilter.dat as the mpaa numbers

but if i ping it i get 2 of the 4 pings going through - i've tried other ip addresses from the ipfilter.dat file and they all get times out - 4 sent with 4 lost - which is good. So how come this ip address i mentioned before which on the face of it is included in ipfilter can be pinged - 4 sent with 2 lost and 2 received for one ping and another they all got through?

here's a screen shot


hope somebody can explain this - perhaps i'm reading something wrong???

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