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uTorrent opens port 6112 when running but otherwise port remains close


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This is more of a general networking question than uTorrent specific, but any help would be appreciated...

I have my router set up to forward ports 6112-6120 and uTorrent setup to use 6112.

Whenever uTorrent is running, 6112 is open and available for connection. When uT is closed, so is the port. Does anyone know why this is happening? How can I ensure that my ports stay open even when uT is closed?

Running XP SP2. I don't think it's the firewall (I've disabled it and still had the problem).

Again, sorry that this isn't specifically a uTorrent question, but any help would be much appreciated.


UPDATE: did a little more tinkering. Whatever port I set uT to use becomes open. I changed uT to use 6113 instead of 6112 and so 6112 closed and 6113 opened (using canyouseeme.org to test the ports).

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