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Torrents Previously Downloading Fine But All Seeds & Peers Disappeared


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I have been experiencing this problem with the current version of uTorrent 1.7.4 which I upgraded to from 1.7.2 and then interrupted as it gave the impression that my PC froze as there was no installation progress indicator. I downloaded 1.7.2 and have been running that again since but the problem doesn't go away.

I have about 5 torrents running and they have been downloading fine at home. Suddenly after having to restart my router, all the peers and seeds disappeared. DHT is on and port forwarding works. The torrent tracker site indicates that the torrents are still active and the there are many seeds and peers however the torrents are inactive in my client.

I let it for a few days and the problem is the same. Adding new torrents works and they download but the partially downloaded ones don't seem to do anything. I copied everything to my work PC and they worked fine and the same torrents were downloading for a few days. The peers and seeds suddenly disappeared too. On copying the data and torrents back to my home PC, no seeds and peers show but once again other torrents are fine.

Can someone please tell me what is wrong as it is frustrating having 5 torrents that are partially done and which don't seem to progress even though I know there are seeds and peers active.

Thanks so much.

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