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Binding uTorrent to a specific network card


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I currently have uTorrent 1.7.5 on a Windows XP system.

I have two network cards and I would like for uTorrent to use my wireless connection.

I have tried to toggle around a few settings (within 'Advanced') but I am unable to successfully have uTorrent only use my wireless connection.

Does anyone have a quick tutorial/walkthrough?

If it helps, I'm also behind a router (and have a private and public IP address)


-Account from BMN.

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Windows may be interfering with what network card your outgoing port is trying to use.

You should be able to bind the incoming connection to a port...and if it's forwarded ONLY for the wireless connection then that should at least work.

With a very low half open connection rate (such as 1), then chances are most connections you have will be on the wireless internet connection.

That's the best workaround I can think of at the moment. :(

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Thanks for your reply.

To clarify, a possible procedure is to do the following:

Within my router, forward the port to my local (wireless) network connection, and then set 'net.max_halfopen' to 1? (Or set 'TCPIP.sys' to 1)?

Alternatively, if you can set my other network card to only see my LAN, that'd work as well (fiddle with 'METRIC" settings?)

I have been thinking about using 'ROUTE,' but I think I can possibly do some things with a remote connection as well.

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Don't mess with the TCPIP.sys file for this...just µTorrent's advanced setting.

It makes µTorrent NOT try lots more outgoing connections per second.

Incoming connections don't seem to be counted against that number -- so you should still see lots of connections if you're not firewalled.

If you're firewalled, you'd very slowly try outgoing connections and never get any incoming connections...not what you want!

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