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1st post,,,,speed problems,, slow internet etc,,


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Hi all,,

As the title says,, this is my first post and i would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with this. I would also really appreciate it if you could bear with me as i am quite new to u torrent and will need some guidance.

I would also like to point out that i have read as many of the faqs and stickys as i can find and have digested far too much information ( lots of which i dont understand ), to take it all in.

Problem,,,, right ! !

Whenever i have utorrent open (regardless of wether or not i am down/up loading ), my internet connection becomes really sluggish, in fact timing out at times.

I am unable to do anything internet wise, whilst utorrent is open.

I can run software synths and other cpu intensive programs without a hitch or slowdown,,,,, its just internet connection that is slow.

Which also beggers me to believe that when i am downloading a file,,, that is also slow ? ?

My pc is (was) relativly good,,, 2gig of ram,,, a 3.4ghz dual core cpu, and has a linskys WMP54GS with speedbooster,,(2.4GHZ freq) running version 1.4 drivers.

My wireless router is the BT HOME HUB.

I am really unsure why i am running so slow, but its obviously to do with the settings for utorrent,,,, which i probably have set up completly wrong.

Please,,, please,, any guidance would be really appreciated,,, my pc is no fun anymore ! !

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What's the measured speed of your connection, both Down AND UP?

What settings are you using, as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G)?

(It does no good to try to use a faster setting than your connection can UPLOAD!)

Have you changed any of µTorrent's advanced settings?

(Some of them in combination are guaranteed to crash a perfectly stable computer.)

Have you tried the troubleshooting guide?:


Wireless connections often require very low settings.

You may be able to keep the same upload speed, but max connections and connections per torrent may need to be under 60 to prevent just the very web surfing sluggishness you're seeing.

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Hi Switeck,

Many, many thanks for finding the time time to reply to my post.

I have read as much as i can understand of the the troubleshooting guide.

I have some speed results and settings for you to look over,,, just in case something obvious stands out.

My usual down/up load speed when downloading a file using utorrent, is between 5kbs and 30kbs......

Utorrent preferences settings,,,

Upload limit 1000 kbs

upload slots 10

connections 60 ( was 850)

global connections 60 ( was 125) per torrent

max active torrents 6

max active downloads 6

Running the utorrent speed test the following results,,,,,,,,

download speed 2446 kbs

upload speed 297 kbs.

Using my ISP line test i got the following,,,,,,

Download speed 3000 kbs

upload speed 449 kbs....

As you have suggested,, i changed the max connections drom 850 and 125 respectivly,,, to 60 and 60 repectivly. There is still no change in internet speed after changing this setting.

Am using a wireless BT HOME HUB router,,,,,,and my pc has a linkys WMP54GS with speedbooster wireless card.

pc has over 2gb of ram and has a 3.4ghz dual core cpu, and is in perfect working order and free from any virus or spyware.

Hope this information sheds a little light for someone ,,,,

Many thanks for any further advice,,,, cheers,,,,kev

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Thanks Switeck,,,

Have changed the settings to both the 384 kbs and 512 kbs, and tried each to see if there is any difference.

The computer is still as slow as it was previously.

Opening IE takes minutes sometimes to open up the homepage ! ! So the problem still persists.

To make things even worse, i have noticed a dramatic difference in files being downloaded.

I am downloading a 3gb file at present and previously it was downloading at up to 30kbs,, with an upload of 3- 8kbs. It has been downloading for over 2 days now and has only just reached 49% ? ?

Since changing to 512 kbs setting, the downloading is now roughly between 1 and 8 kbs and the uploading is now anything up to 31 kbs ? ? ?

I think i am getting more confused as this goes on ! !

Pc is just as slow connecting to the internet and my downloading rate has slowed down as well ! !

I must be doing something wrong here,,, i have a reasonably fast pc, and a very good ISP with a very fast broadband speed,,,,,,

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Troubleshooting Guide time:


There's a special section for slow internet problems.

Tell us every step you've tried and if it works...even if nothing more than to say:

step 1...failed!


If the fastest upload speed/s you see is 31 KiloBYTES/sec total, then you probably better switch to the xx/256k setting in Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

...and it sounds like you're REALLY not getting the advertised speed on your connection!

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Hi Switeck,,,

I have set up, using the 384 kbs preference, and all seems to be downloading and uploading a lot better.

I have set down/ upload limits to 100kbs, and seem to be downloading and uploading at anything up to 54kbs now,,,which is the fastest i have seen since i started using utorrent. The 3gb file i have been downloading for 2 days has jumped forward now and should be done in another6 or 7 hrs ! ! !

I am still having problems with the internet though,,,its as slow as ever !

Another problem i now have is,,,,, port forwarding tool said that port wasnt set up correctly,,, but i use the random port setting,,, so didnt think it would be an issue,,,however,,, i set up port forwarding using my ISPs instructions, and thaught that it was set up properly.

I am now getting an error message at the bottom of utorrents page, that says thet port is not connected, so no one can upload ????

Am very puzzled by this also,,, as i have double checked and the port is forwarded correctly ( according to my ISPs router setup page ) ? ?

Should i just go back and put a tick in the box to select random port selection ? ? ?

EDIT :: Have just disabled the NAT-PMP , and problem is now completly resolved ! !

I am now downloading at up to 100kbs and files are moving very quickly its lightening fast to what i have been used to since starting with utorrent.

My internet is back to normal speed,,, even when utorrent is open and downloading,,, even at my new speeds ! !

Switeck,,,,,,many, many thanks for perceviering with me,,,, its all worked out very nicely,,,, thankyou

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