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How long do I leave the files to seed ?


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I am new and have a question I have downloaded two files One large one 6.58 GB and it finished the download on 9/22/07 so far it has uploaded 16.5 GB So I wonder How long will it take to finish?

The second is 3.17 GB Finished D/L in 9/24/07 and has u/L 12.2GB. I have tried to reduce the ratio, but I guess I just don't understand how.


Reggie Keene

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Option > Preferences > Queuing - You can set a global value here.

You can also double-click on a torrent and Override the default setting above.

Remember the values are in percentages. For example, if you want to seed double what you downloaded, then you put a value of 200 in the field.

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I had a (maybe very stupid) thought 'bout uploading. First this:

Only since a few weeks I have my own computer (me 31), a Medion Notebook. There's a lot I don't know and 1 was that I can go on the internet wireless on someone's else's network. Somebody told me and I'm still suprised how easy it is. @ home, my coffeeshop, in the park, I'm surfing... & downloading/seeding!!

Thought: when I'm seeding I used to stop when I uploaded as much as I downloaded (want to seed more but don't want to bother other one's network to much, they don't even know!) but there's still a time running. So I waited to time run out the same when I'm downloading (my god my english) and when the last sec. were gone I stopped seeding.

So when the uploadvalue is equal to download it means I just shared that much MB's with other people but NOT the whole file. That's shared totally when the ETA time is 0.

Ehm, do I make any sense? Difficult for me to put something into words the easy way, especially(...) in English. Thanx anyway if you tried to read this! :-)

And if anyone has someone as anything to tell, have tips, links or warnings 'bout me being an illegal surfer, even more thanx!

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