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Strange problem - sound issues


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Heh, I've found a strange well, bug with uTorrent 1.7.5.

Whenever my upload speed is over 300 kb/sec or more, the sound (be it movies, mp3, video stream) begins to crackle and skips. When I lover the upload speed the sounds is good again.

I'm using Microsoft Vista Ultimate, Asus P5B Deluxe, latest official sound and MB drivers. I didn't notice this problem before so it's really strange.

Any1 else having similar problems?

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I've had this same problem for half a year now :/

When I'm downloading torrents and watching a movie the image and sound 'hacks' and if I'm playing games while downloading it's the same error.

DC++ and FTP works fine for me in max speed but uTorrent doesn't.

I haven't found any specific download/upload rate where this problem occurs. I've only noticed that if I've had uTorrent running for a while this happends.

There's nothing wrong with uTorrents memory usage so I can't understand what's wrong :(

I'm using Vista Business and my motherboard is Asus P5B-V.

Maybe this is related to the onboard network card on P5B? Since we have almost the same.

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Ye I've been thinking about that too... but it can still be a HDD hardware problem. Torrents and DC/FTP works very differently when writing to the harddrives etc.

The dl/ul speed is probably not at fault here... this is only what I'm guessing tho :/

I'm gonna buy a SataII HDD when I get money so I'm gonna see if there's any difference since my 2 HDD's atm is IDE.

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Exactly same problem here with sound and video, but on XP SP2, on another XP SP2 is everything just OK, so its not just Vista

So problably problem its in software nature, i scan with NOD32 & Kaspersky, no threats found.

Test my hardware, theres no problem

I just can't localized the problem, i try uninstall some program when problem is appear but nothing, and some day the problem is just gone, then after a week appear again.

I frequently install and uninstall various software so there is also reason for harder problem catch

problem isn't when uTorrent is just open, when i start DL/UP then problem begun

i use wlan

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I guess it's remotely possible that if you're exceeding your connection's stable max upload or download speed that the cpu percentage drain caused by network activities could climb at least a little and cause problems.

...but driver issues and/or "Disk Overload" problems are far more likely causes.

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