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frustrating upload limit


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I dont know if its due to my ISP but i always seem to have an overall upload speed of 30kb/s. I have cable internet and thought that i could achieve much higher upload speeds than that.

This can be quite frustrating as i download torrents from sites that require a cetain download/upload ratio and i cant keep my computer on forever.

ive set utorrent uploads to unlimited and also downloads, however im sure that it has nothing to do with my downloading as ive seen when im not downloading the max upload speed is still and always has been at around 30kb/s. so i was wondering if anyone knew how to increase that speed

Any help will be apreciated :)

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Ok speed test says i dl at 1.5mb/s latency to the server was 211ms and my upload was 200kb/s

these seem a little lower than usual might have to do with the fact that the test is hosted on an offshore server in LA, whilst i am in Australia.

hmm yeah

those are the results anyway

much apreciated for your help

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