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Upload Speeds Not Doing What I Ask...


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Okay, here is my situation.

I use the uTorrent 1.7.4

Basically, my problem is this:

When I upload on my local torrent sites (I'm in S.Africa) and I've basically uploaded 3x the amount of the file, what I generally do is, I limit the upload from full speed to say, 5k a sec so I can upload other torrents and seed a reasonable speeds.

But the new uTorrent doesn't do that, it still gives the users full speed which is a major problem because we have cap problems in S.Africa and I don't exactly want to waste my entire 30GB cap uploading the torrent in question so I keep uploading but at some point, I give the job of uploading to the other seeders so I can fill other requests.

Can someone help me with this problem?

Tell me how I can setup uTorrent so it obeys those upload speed settings, It did it nicely in the old version (1.6.1 I think) of uTorrent but is a total bugger up in the new version.

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