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not connectable, but port test ok


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Hi all,

I realize that this is a common problem, but I have not found a working solution after a lot of searching.

utorrent always reamins at "no incomming conections"/"not connectable", even after running for days with torrents from various trackers.

I forwarded the port in my router (acer wlan gw3000), and the test in the utorrent speed guide always reports that the port is forwarded correctly.

an online port scan from grc.com displays the port as open.

I tried several high ports as well as port 443.

I am very sure that my provider does not do any filtering.

(biggest provider in germany, so there would be something in the news)

I added utorrent to the windows firewall exceptions and tried disabling the windows firewall.

I do not run any other firewall, nor any virus scanner with included firewall or similar software.

Is there anything I can do?

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