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Trouble getting seeds/peers


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A while ago I started having a bit of a problem. Torrents with plenty of seeds randomly stop or fail to download at all (the one I'm using as an example is listed on mininova as "52 seeds, 27 leechers"). It just loses it's connection to all the seeders and peers. Every so often it will get a seed, but it won't get any of the peers in parenthesis.



-The problem sometimes seems to start when another torrent finishes and starts seeding.

-It will also start before certain files download at all.

-I have "FIBER broadband" from GLBB.

-I have the same problem in Azureus

Sorry if this isn't the necessary info. I've been using uTorrent for a while, but I still consider my level of experience pretty low. Thanks for the help. image link

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