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all torrents kicked after switching from german to english xp


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Hey guys, my utorrent lost all torrents after i installed an english xp over a previous german xp. things sand like this: utorrent was on a non-primary partition. in the german windows the torrents-path (not the download-folder, the folder where utorrent stores copies of all the torrents you feed it) is

C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\[user]\Anwendungsdateien\utorrent, in the english version i think it must be

C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\application data\utorrent.

i backed up this folder from Anwendungsdaten and copied it to the App-Data folder.

Additionally i recreated the old german path in the english xp, with the old username and also copied the utorrent-folder there.

Then i read on the faq that if nothing works, you can place the utorrent executable inside this folder (if i understood it right), so i also copied the folder to the folder wher the exe rests and moved the exe inside. But still utorrent shows an empty download queue.

i'd have to manually add every torrent again and find the correct path (my downloads are a bit scattered on multiple extern drives) and where i deleted the torrent-files, I would have to check every single download if it is complete, because i can't remember which downloads were completed already.

FYI: the folder with the exe is D:\bitrescue\, where also the files











and as i said before, i copied the utorrent-folder to this D:\bitrescue and moved the exe inside.

No downloads were stored on C: (so they would have been deleted with the new windows)

maybe there's some trick to make utorrent re-catch the old torrents.

thanks for your help, lucas

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