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An existing connection was forcibly closed be the remote host


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"An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host"

That's an error I'm getting a lot since moving back to uni - it happens on any torrent, private or public tracker, downloading or seeding. It's not persistent and I can get some decent speeds, but I don't know what this error means or what's causing it. Also, sometimes the torrent does download (albeit very slowly) whilst the error message is showing. I did look in the FAQ and I did search these forums but no info about it showed up.

I've been in these uni halls for 3 years and not had this error before I came back again at the weekend. My machine, software and settings haven't changed since I was back home and it was working fine.

I'm not asking how to circumvent restrictions on a network, I'm asking what the error means and what's causing it.

System in case it matters:

uTorrent 1.7.5

XP Pro SP2

A64 X2 4200+

2GB DDR800

ATI 2900XT

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