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problems with port fowarding. pls help!!


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i am using a motorola sb5100 surfboard cable modem with a belkin wireless 802.11g router and i am unable to foward a port properly.

although i can dowload things it seems to be running very slow and i have a message in the bottom right hand corner saying 'No incomming connections'. when i click on this it brings up the 'speed guide' and when i click on 'test if port is fowarded properly' i get a page telling me that the port is closed.

i have tried randomizing the port but nothing seems to work.

somone please help!


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I have a 2 wire Gateway 2701HGV-W adsl modem and I need help with configuring the port so that uTorrent port will open. Can anyone help

I have finaly solved my problem. The other day utorrent told me that a firewall/router was limiting my network traffic. I disabled my firewall but still could not get my port to forward. i then entered my ip address and modified the firewall settings in my modem and next I knew everything was downloading at an extremely fast pace.

I hope this might help others. Thanks, Wayne.

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