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2 times the same problem!


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i have a problem that i had like a month ago, but this is a little different, i started to download a dvd movie, and it got stuck at 13,5%, and it was falling to 10,0 %, and when it reached again 13,5% (or close to that) it fell again to 10% :S, and the program did that so many times that i canceled the download ¬¬.

and today, i had another dvd movie donwloading, no problems form the start, but when it completed at 90,3% happens the same, it goes down to 89,8% :S

i´m tired of this problem ¬¬

and i don´t wanna cancel the download

can anybody help me and tell me what is happening???

thanx =)

sorry if my english sucks -.-

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