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ZoneAlarm now works fine with uTorrent. I was using version 7.0.337.000 and for some reason the automatic update kept telling me that this was the latest version until I found out that this was not the latest version. I have downloaded the latest version 7.0.462.000 released on Nov 20th 2007. Before using both uTorrent and ZoneAlarm, I couldn't really do much else and internet access was very slow. Now it's as if ZoneAlarm was not even running. This update has also solved a slew of other problems with system sluggishness.

Check your version of ZoneAlarm to make sure you have the latest. You can check this and download the latest by going to the following page: http://www.zonealarm.com/store/content/ … db_updates

Very important: go to the bottom of the page to the "Update Now" section and select the ZoneAlarm Product you have. This will lead you to the differents versions and links for downloading them manually, hence bypassing the automatic update in ZoneAlarm.

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