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Files in a partfile, not commited


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-I'm downloading a multifile torrent, uTorrent is configured with default behaviour

-I choose to download some files(not all), so some chunks are shared between a file that i want to download and other that don't

-Now, a chunck is downloaded(header or tail) for a file that i don't want to download. So the file is not created in the Torrent output folder.

-Now, imagine that i want to download such file, because i want it, so i change priority from "Don't download" to normal priority, so the file must be downloaded...

-Here's da bug, the file consist of 2 chunks(one was downloaded and resides in the part file). uTorrent will start downloading the other chunk, and finish downloading it, but the FILE will not be created in the output torrent. :/

I think that this is a serius bug(because options are default, and I, as user, am getting undesirable behaviour).

Also, sometimes, uTorrent(and using partfiles) create files that i don't want to download?¿?¿

I hope that this info helps. Thanks.

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