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Translating µTorrent


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In order to translate µTorrent, you must translate all strings from the english file from the relevant thread in this forum. Please translate only to your native language, and create a topic about your language in this forum to mention what you're working on and post links to your work for review.


The language file is composed of several blocks like this:

<english string>

<translated string>

<english string>

<translated string>

... and so on. So basically you have to edit the file and replace the '?' lines with translations into your language. ONLY CHANGE THE LINE UNDER EACH ENGLISH STRING. LEAVE THE ENGLISH STRINGS INTACT. See the french translation as an example.


- Line breaks are represented by this sequence: rn

- Try not to make your strings much longer than the english version, because they might not display fully in the application due to space constraints.

- The & (ampersand) character is used to define keyboard shortcuts for menu items and buttons. Make sure you don't use the same shortcut twice in the same menu or window.

- String formatters, such as %s, are strings modified by the program to add certain information and MUST be part of the translated string, for example:

Unable to find '%s'.

Should be translated to something like:

Impossible de trouver '%s'.

- Tabs and menus resize. Buttons, labels and checkboxes do not (some extra space is provided where possible).

- Leading and trailing spaces should be preserved in the translated string. Trailing * (asterisk) are used to hint translators of the presence of trailing spaces and should be present in the translated string, but they are not displayed by the program.

- Do not credit yourself inside the translation file, instead you will be credited in a designated section of the website.

- Try to have fun; it's a lot of work!

EDIT: If you name your textfile utorrent.exe.lang.txt, it should load it next time you start uTorrent, that way you can test your language!

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