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Double downlaod speed


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Hi all

I'm a nubie or what ever but !!!

I downloaded several bit torrent programs and discovered double download

Use Utorrent 1.7.5 and BitTorrent 6.0 at the same time and you can double connect to the same peer, In my case double the download from 50 kb/s to 100 kb/s

sounds cool to me.

I guess one company buying another is good if you know how


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Running two BitTorrent clients simultaneously is pointless. If you're downloading to the same files on disk, it's borderline dangerous, as neither client will know what the other is doing with the files.

Finally, I'm not sure why you'd need to use mainline to run a second instance when the same can be done with µTorrent alone (not that you should be using it for the reasons you point out).

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