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What about *Nix ?


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There are several threads of how to run uTorrent on Linux with Wine.

Sadly, Wine doesn't run very well on BSDs.

( But they are able to run Linux binaries )

When browsing the forums I found this old post.

Although uTorrent is lightweight, it is missing the patented innovations BitTorrent has made at the protocol level.

It is also lacking an implementation for Mac and Linux.

We will improve uTorrent in these arenas.

A year has passed - without a Linux / Mac version.

Since uTorrent is written in C (the native language of any *nix) , and OS X running on a BSD Kernel,

shouldn't porting be a snap ?

Are there still plans for *Nix at all ?

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Ah well, that's not the answer I wanted to hear, but thx anyway.

Just a few thoughts.


uTorrent even runs on Win 95 - so much for API calls . .

You're not having trouble with "DOS" , do you ?


I think the reasons for not developing for Nix are of political / financial nature.

Since you haven't said anything about Mac, I suspect there'll be an OS X version coming soon.

That's fine with me, BSDs can run those binaries as well.

But what about the "unwashed" Linux mob ?

Ah well, as if I'd care . .

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Wow... "political / financial nature"?

Dude, get a life. Not everyone and everything is set against *nix.

iirc Windows has had APIs since version 1.

afaik µtorrent is written from scratch. Its not using common c libraries or anything (I'm not a C programmer so I wouldn't know what precisely that means) and it therefor probably takes quite some adjustments, if not outright rewriting, to make it compatible with other OSs.

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