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Upload Speed Keeps Getting Maxed Out


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I recently switched to COMCAST digital cable, and have been very pleased with the download speed. My problem, however, is my upload speed seems to max out between 40 and 50 kB/s. What's very odd is that when I start a torrent uploading / seeding (I use uTorrent), the speed will shoot up to 200+ kB/s, and then it starts to creep back down to the 40s within a few seconds. I have the number of connections limited to 10 (ten), my firewall is turned off, and I set the maximum upload rate to unlimited.

When I ran the speed test, here's what I received:

download speed 10865 Kb/s

upload speed 470 Kb/s

latency 108 ms

I've tweaked my settings many times (lazy bitfield set to 'true'), but I still cannot get my download speed to increase. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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