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µTorrent 1.2.2 : seeding speed decrease when downloading both


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As it's my first post, i'd like to thank the author of µTorrent because i believe it's the new best bittorent client.

However i've got the following problem :

> when i just seed a torrent, my upload speed is max

> when i just download a torrent, my download speed is max

> but when i DL and UP at the same time, my DL speed is max and the UP is reduce at 50% !?!?!?!? If i stop the DL, the UP is max . . .

Could someone help me, please ?

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This is normal with TCP IP, although a decrease of 50% in upload sounds high.

Acknowledgements (acks) are sent to the seeder for every packet received by you, if the acks are not received the packets are sent again. The normal advice is to restrict your upload to 80% of maximum allowing 20% for acks. Although that is not always true my connection for instance is 10meg down but only .384 up. With fast torrents I have to restrict my down speed and up speed by as much as 75%, otherwise the acknowledgements swamp my upload.

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