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modem DSL-302G portforward problem


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This is what I've found out ,this model modem comes in 5 model types all seem to have decent menu's with options to change ports etc

except for the DSL-302Gop model. this is the model that Optus in Australia give you free when you sign up with them. It has its own customised OptusNet interface. And the menus are very limited see this link to the spec page and you will see what I mean "http://www.dlink.com.au/tech/"

So here now lies the problem.

I have a modem DSL-302Gop

connecting into a router D-L 524up

connecting into 3PC and 1 wireless Laptop

I can portforward the router to 1 PC , but what use is that if I cannot portforward the modem,

How do I get around this problem...?

To make maters worse I dont what to upset the other 2PC's and the Laptop

any thoughts?

note to self "dont disable NAT" I did and it shut me out of the internet and took me ages to get back into the modem and revert it back to enable

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If you can find the PPPoE settings in your modem's configuration page, copy it into the router's configuration (it should have something for PPPoE), then disable NAT in the modem (set it to bridge mode).

Is there no port forwarding interface in the modem configuration at all?

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