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Am I the only one that finds it tedious...


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...when adding/changing the path of multiple torrents?

I wish there was some way for uTorrent to maintain a 'most recently used' list of directories, or at least keep the directory tree expanded when browsing to a directory.

It's mostly bothersome when browsing for a folder.. at least when browsing for a single-file torrent it keeps you in the same directory. I hate seeing this:


So yeah, I wish the directory tree would stay expanded the way a user puts it, or just have a most recent used list. Has this been considered before?

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All i'm saying is i'm tired of seeing the 'browse for folder' window fully collapsed whenever I want to set a new download location for a torrent. I would like to see it stay expanded the way a user has it, for future ease of changing download location.

Either that or just have some sort of drop-down 'most recent used' list of paths so you can easily select a directory.

This is just a feature request, i'm not reporting any sort of bugs or anything like that, as this is expected behavior.

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