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Connectable: no, it shouldnt be


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Hi. I have been using uTorrent a long time now. Unfortunately there was lighting storm which broke my ZyXel ADSL-modem. I bought A-Link RoadRunner 84, which was only kind of modem at the store. It works just fine, but i can't get connectable to yes-mode. I have done everyting i could and no earlier post has helped me :(

- uTorrent 1.7.5 (SSL)

- Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit

- Windows Firewall (uTorrent allowed, done port forwarding for tcp/udp)

- NAT turned OFF!

- uTorrent's bottom bar has green "v", which says that my connection is ok.

uTorrents port checker and some other port checkers said that my port is OPEN.

Still, i seem to be connectable: no on my private tracker. What's the problem?

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