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Ghost peers? (...and Seeds, even?)


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Good evening.

I'm observing something that I don't understand:

- I have just starting seeding a file, on a private tracker, with a brand new torrent that I created/launched

- there is no other instance of this file registered with the tracker

- for a while there was no activity, just an indication that the torrent was healthy and "Seeding", with no peers showing (as would be expected)

- now, some 30 minutes later, there is one peer to whom I am uploading at approximately 6kB/s ("Up speed"), but who also appears to be downloading to someone else

("Peer dl." has a speed figure in it, slightly higher than that under "Up speed").

- in addition, there is a seed shown in the swarm, ie, 0(1)

How can this be? Am I misinterpreting the indicators?


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