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Massive hash fails!


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I'm currently downloading a 1.79GB torrent (922 x 2.00MB pieces). I'm now at 93%, but I've only downloaded 1.67GB compared to 1.21GB of hashfails!

Supposedly it has 103 seeds and 43 peers, but I only connect to approximately 10 peers and a couple of seeds at any one time. I don't keep my PC on for 24/7.

Any advice?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Ultima,

It has about 50 files, I've been lucky and managed to completely download (and utilize) about half of them. The other half is stuck at 90+ % (but still can be played, however there are gaps in the files).

The availability of the torrent now is 1.998, and the ratio is 0.829. I have observed one peer stuck at 91%, with other peers with various percentages.

If it is indeed a posioned torrent, what can I do to salvage this torrent?


p/s Another thing of note is DHT is disabled for this torrent. All my other torrents are working fine (with DHT enabled) and I have succesfully completed many torrents.

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