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Finally got port Opened but still slow speeds


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I have been trying to get that Green Circle for several Weeks , Finally found the Problem that was a Speed touch 530 Modem ( which also was a Router ) with a netgear WGT624 v.3 router , they were both Routers so I had to Bridge the MODEM ..

this automatically gave me the Utorrent green Circle .. However the Download speeds are the same speed as when I had the Red circle ????

Have tried most things mentioned on Forum , But my speeds Varies from 2.5 KBS to 9kbs

I have Router and Modem as Mentioned Above

DODO 256kb/s ADSL internet

Speedchecker is Download 205kb/s uploads 55kb/s Average ( Utorrent set to 192kb/s)

Tried with AXXO torrents so always Plenty of seeds ( 1000/2000 )

Have changed DHT on /off

have UPnP enabled and Disabled

changed many other settings on Utorrents Preferences as mentioned By Utorrent forum speed pages

so any other help to get speeds up is Appricated .

Also How long should I wait after changing Preferences Before the speeds might increases after applying setting ??????

Thanks Mark

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Hi the reason people put xx/192k in the Utorrent when they have a 55kb/s upload as in the Utorrent window that is the speed guide it says "" connection TYPE "" not upload amount or something simular and in the English Language Connection Type means the type of Connection ,,

EG. i have a 256kb/s ADSL connection .. so for most people who only use computers and not understand what is going on in the internal processes, etc that is how we understand it ..

Maybe it is Utorrents Fault in there wording ..as many many people indeed make this fault ..

and just so you Know I had my connection on the xx/64k setting but was slower than having it on the xx/192k setting .

And you scarcasim was not helpful in, increasing my speeds but if my utorrent download was as fast as your tongue that would be great

thanks mark

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"1) Choose the upload speed appropriate for your connection from the list"

µTorrent is asking for your upload here.

Yes, most connection types are only known by their download speed...so much so that you almost have to arm-twist some ISPs to tell you what the rated max upload speed is. :(

If xx/64k is slower than xx/192k, then you probably have other problems as well.

Have you changed any of µTorrent's advanced settings?

Have you tried the troubleshooting guide?:


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