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Many question's....


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Well there is one question.

My download speed is to slow for my typ of connection http://www.speedtest.net/result/186767656.png.

Well I know this question is posted soo many time but pleas explain again :plliz:maybe this is diffrent case..

I momently downloading a file (size 3,4 GB-a)> Megadeth - Arsenal Of Megadeth and with this speed it vil bee done for some 150 hours :shocked: :sad:.

Well i tray many settings that I have found on the web and that maybe one of the reason that my connection is slower than it is be on the beginning, I mean I changed setting soo many times and now I don't know how to fix it to defaults or maybe to be better.

I know I could just reinstall it or something like but this file what I downloading is big for me and I can't just remove it and start downloading again :die: Can I save my file on some way and just delete this utorrent and install new one and than continue with downloading ?

Now here is my stats : http://img166.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lowfj8.jpg

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How I find the port what you talking about ?

You can set it in Options->Preferences->Connections->Port used for incoming connections

Any number between 1025-65535 should be ok.

Uncheck the randomize option, and check the add utoorrent to the firewall exception.

You say in your router, it mean's what ?

Most home internet users need at least one "box" between your PC and "the internet". It is usually some kind of a modem or router. To get the port forwarded you'll have to configure "the box". You can read about it more at http://portforward.com/ but... if you really don't know what is router, I'd suggest getting some help from local tech specialists.

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