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Intermittent seeding...


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I've been curious about this, since I started using uTorrent.

Sometimes I have a peer that will download from me at high rates, and only seed sporadically.

For example, I'm now on a very slow torrent. One peer is using uT 1.7.5... he's the only peer.

He downloads from me at a steady 40kbs, and every ~5 minutes he'll upload to me at 40kbs, for 1MB... then stops for another 5 minutes, before giving me another MB.

It drives me crazy, since I've given him 250MB, and gotten 25MB.

He obviously has the bandwidth to seed more.

So, I'm wondering how does someone configure uT, to do what he's doing?

If he's only giving 1MB at 5-minute intervals, I'd like to do the same to him.

All I can do now, is limit my upload bandwidth, for the torrent, but that slows down my already slow d/l from the one seeder.

If someone could explain what's going on, I'd be grateful... thanks!

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It's .1 when he's uploading to me, otherwise the column is blank.

I assume that means that he only has .1 of the torrent, that I don't.

Is that correct?

Also, what setting would someone use, to only seed 1MB at a time, every 5 minutes?

I've looked everywhere for anything like this.

Also, is there any way to throttle specific peers?

Often I get peers with, let's say 90% of the torrent complete, yet they download fast from me, while offering me .01kbs.

I really appreciate your helping me understand this ;)

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Thanks, Dread!

Actually with this torrent (an old one), there's only one seed currently, and no other peers (at least what's showing up in uT, with DHT enabled).

For me, I'd love to be able to throttle some peers, who just take & don't share... then disconnect as soon as their d/l is compete. But I guess some might abuse it, in some way. For now, the really bad ones, I just block with my firewall.

Seriously, thanks for explaining. Often times people don't, and while I'm not a technical wiz, I really try to understand this stuff, more than just clicking start or stop ;)

So it is appreciated!

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I understand your point, but if someone's taking, let's say 50kbps from me, and giving back .01kbps, invariably, they disconnect when finished uploading.

On private trackers, where I can see their ratio for the torrent, it's always extremely low.

And then they disconnect.

So, while I understand your point, that ya never know for sure, I find it's pretty easy to tell who gets what P2P is all about, and who just takes.

And I'd prefer to share with people who share with me.

That said, I understand why it hasn't been implemented ;)

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