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TCP/IP settings and DNS: Can I use random IP and DNS address?


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I know that in order to have μtorrent working properly I have to set an IP address, subnet mask, default geteway and DNS address (as it is mentioned in the connection setup guide about static IP etc.). My question is: Can μtorrent work with random IP and DNS addresses, meaning that you won't need to set in the TCP/IP network properties these addresses manually, but leave them to automatic?

From what I've tried, when I set manually these adresses, as it is mentioned in the guide, μtorrent shows a green circle (that connection is ok) and it works as it should. When I change the settings the computer to randomly choose an IP and DNS address, then the green circle turns to a yellow triangle and when I test if the port is forwarded properly it says

Checking port ****** on

Error! Port ***** does not appear to be open

However μtorrent still continues to download/ upload with no obvious difference in the speed. So what exaclty is the influence of all these IP, DNS addresses and port forwarding, to the download/upload speed and/or to μtorrent's functionality?

I'm just trying to experiment with μtorrent and learn something more about networks etc. , I know that the correct way of setting it up is the one described in the setup guide. Thanks!

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