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1.7.5 still Running after Exiting


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Hi Folks,

Just discovered that uTorrent 1.7.5 is still running after stopping all torrents > File > Exit.

It causes Windows 2000 to keep running (a blank blue screen) on Shut Down and Restart. And prior to hitting Shut Down/Restart it wont let me stop the router for safe removal. So at the point of 'blue screen' the only way to Shut Down or reboot using Restart is to cut mains power to the router.

Please note this MAY not be solely a uTorrent glitch as the system does have a variety of persistent problems reported by the Event Viewer System Log such as:

2504 & 2505 Server;

1003 & 1007 Dhcp;

8033 Browser;

20169 RemoteAccess [unable to contact DHCP server];

11050 dnscache;

61 WinMgmt.

I've been unable to resolve these System issues mainly due to unadulterated stupidity, though not through lack of trying over the last 6 weeks or more. The main noticeable effect is that a full loss of connection to the Internet occurs usually after 4 to 16 hours. That is, Firefox suddenly reports "Problem loading page" and uTorrent connections slowly deplete to zero.

If any kind person can help with these that would be awfully nice.

I found uTorrent still running after Exiting when 'Stop the router for safe removal' failed saying a program was still accessing it even though the Task Manager reported no Applications running and uTorrent was not listed in the Processes tab of Task Manager.

The reason uTorrent was identified as still running (or using the router) was that I restarted uTorrent. It then re-appeared in Task Manager as running. Then I clicked on End Task. And without doing anything else, that allowed me to Stop the router for safe removal without cutting power at the mains.

I'm not proficient enough to know whether it's an error with uTorrent, a symptom of the System errors, or a combination of both.

If I qualify for your help, and have missed mentioning something important, please ask in as idiot-proof a fashion as possible. I'll continue to lurk here at the forum until I lose connection (so have patience if I don't reply quickly) or am told I'm too stupid to help.

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Hi Firon,

Thanks for responding. I usually don't Exit uTorrent until it shows both d/l and u/l at 0 kB/s.

On the occasion when I found the Task Manager solution, quite few a minutes passed because attempted solutions don't come too quickly to me. And I've learned patience can help a great deal with fixing computer probs.

I reckon this shouldn't matter, but I sometimes Exit by right-clicking on uTorrent system tray icon > Exit.

Wait a minute - did you mean my computer to shut down or uTorrent?

If you meant my computer - all the usual Shut Down processes and info boxes appear. Just at the point where it's supposed to switch power off on Shut Down, or reboot on Restart it keeps a blank blue screen permanently until I cut mains power to the router, cut mains power to the computer or keep computer On/Off button pressed for 5 seconds.

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Yes. Enabled it a few days ago - the only Advanced setting I've changed.

Ah ha! Try it with bt.graceful_shutdown disabled?

EDIT: Done! put value back to false and will report back once my system loses Internet connection and I have to reboot.

Thanks Firon.

2nd EDIT 25/9/07:

It may still be too early to tell, but things seem to have been fixed.

So if it's not too soon - thanks Firon, you're a TorrentGod!

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