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Is it still possible to download version 1.6.1 from this website ?


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Hi all

I had been using utorrent version 1.6.1 since it was first released and never had any problems. I then decided to upgrade to 1.7.5 but after trying it I much prefer version 1.6.1, however it looks like I can't download it from this website any longer. Any ideas ?

Problems I found with v.1.7.5,

1. program doesn't close when you click the close box in the top corner.

2. the logger section doesn't work and so there is no way of seeing if there has been any hash fails.

3. I downloaded a file with 1.7.5 which says it had finished and was seeding but when I re-checked the file with a friends copy of 1.6.1, it said it was only 98% done and proceeded to download for a further 5 mins to finish the complete download.

I have noticed that there is third party websites out there with 1.6.1 to download but with an increasing risk of viruses I would rather download it from here.

All the best


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