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So far,

I have tried the common procedures step by step.

Tried setting up my windows XP SP2 firewall by setting the port exception.

Selected the right upload speed.

The color of the network status is red.

Port checker states that "Error! Port 50000 does not appear to be open."

net.max_halfopen set to 50.

My OS is Windows XP SP2.

My security software installed is AVG Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus.

My modem model is Speedstream 4060.

My ISP is singnet.com.sg from Singapore.

I think my connection type is a dial-up as when I checked my Network Connections it states that it's a dial-up.

Speed test result for download is around 1400kb/s and upload is around 249kb/s.

Hope someone could help me.. Thanks alot.. Hello anyone??

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