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Need help with Utorrent and Vista!!!!


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I hope someone can help me with the problems i have. Since i installed Microsoft vista 32 bit i just cant get utorrent to work. Ive installed the program with no problem at all. When i go to torrenbox and tries to download something (witch has alot of nodes), utorrent starts upp as earlier (at xp). Then suddenly everything starts to go in "slow motion"... it is impossible to surf the internet att the same time, utorrent starts to freeze, witch seems to happen i periods. The download time after 20 minutes is about 11 kB/s.. witch is very little compared to the fact that i am sitting on an 10MBit line.

I also have McAfee installed.

I have also tried different versions of Utorrent, latest 1.7.5, witch has "full vista support".. still the same problem. I have also looka att solutions to this problem, witch alot of people seems to have.. Like turning of IPv6.. but nothing seems to help.


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