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My method for finding IPs that poison a download


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Recently, one of my download is getting more and more hashfails. The download is virtually stalled.

Thinking that it may be poisoned, I tried to find a group of peers that came from similar IP address (eg. 111.222.333.x).

I found one group and then do a WHOIS on one of the IP.

It turned out that the IP address block are owned by a company named "Media Sentry".

I thought... this maybe relevant to a media (audio/video) protection.

Then I block that IP address range (from WHOIS info) using the ROUTE command to route them to nowhere.

After restarting my download, it starts downloading again. Still with some hashfails, but at least it doesn't stall.

Maybe this method can be useful for others, so I post it here.


This method is a workaround for the following thread:


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