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Dht Problem With Utorrent 1.2.1


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the dht service for me just doesnt seem to run after i upgraded to 1.2.2

im sure the number of peers used to be around 280 something with 1.2.1...its says network ok though

but now it just says 0 peer or dht:waiting to login...

i think its some windows firewall config setting would be relaly glad if someone could guide me as i have tried everything so far....

the port i use is 64860 and have enabled upnp port mapping

max connected peers /torrent=63

and global max connection=190

thank you

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well since the network comes out ok i think tcp is already opened...

i already opened udp ports both in exceptions and advanced

edit: i still am not able to access dht even with my ports opened i dont know why..

im sure it was working with 1.2.1

now it just says DHT:0peers(login)

what should i do?

it doesnt work even with windows firewall off..

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