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Failed Hash plus slow downloads


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I have had utorrent for over a year now, but I recently got a new computer (with Vista) I have put utorrent (1.6) in and started to download, but it never goes the full speed - no matter what, even if 90% is seeding it never goes over 25kbs (I can do about 50kbs). Also I get many Hash Fails. I tried using other torrents but I also get failed hashes, and once it gets 5 failed Hashes from people it banneds them and my speed reduces even more. On the other computer I hardly got any at all, but now I am getting about 200 failed Hashes every hour.

Is this to with Vista, or firewall. I did the instruction that you have recommend on your site on for firewalls, and done port forwarding. Is there anything I am missing?

First Torrent approx 800mb, so far I have about 400mb (without hashfails), but I have over 297mb (1135hash fails).

Second Torrent 700mb, I have 100mb (not including the hash fails), 196mb (367hasfails)

Third Torrent 700mb, I have 40mb (without the hash fails), 171mb (333 hashfails)

All there torrent are different from different sources.

I getting more hash fails then the download.


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