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I have installer of utorrent 1.6.1 build 490 with size 1 226 900 B, I wonder if it is normal and safe to use ? I was unable to find any information about the released sizes, because it differs, some installers have 671kB, 700kB and my has 1.2MB After the installation it looks like utorrent, but I wonder about the size.

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I already uninstalled whole application, how do I find nothing has left and is there a possibility to confirm it ? Antivirus, Spybot and Adaware showed nothing, all clear.

Details show: File version, µTorrent 1.6.1 Installer, © Ludvig Strigeus, Size 1 226 900 B

Can it be some debug version? Anything that I can be sure nothing harmful is there inside, I don't want to use it anymore, but you know, I used it already ?

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regarding your p.s. up until 1.7 there were official "installer-versions of µt right below the single exe file to choose from on the downloadpage. Those were the same like the single version with the only difference that they additionally contained the language pack and that the installer copied the exe in the programms directory and creatd shortcuts. Those installers were created IIRC for those people that were used that programms need to have these extra bells and whisles of an installer and were asking in the forums how to use/run the single file.

But beside that, you are right with your other observations.


you can't be sure that your system isn't compromised now with malware unless you have all the hashes of all applications and files that were genuinely on your system before you executed this nongenuine programm. Of course you could try running those testprogramms you mentioned from a PreInstallation LiveCD (google: BartPE CDs) to be at least certain that some malicious programm that runs unter the same installation you want to check will not interfere with the results about alleged cleanness that those test programms might report.

If I were in your situation now, having executed suspicious/malicious code, I would undone the damage by restoring my latest system image I had created before executing the unknown code (google: Acronis True Image [for example])

What you have executed is not genuinly software from a trustworthy source like ludde or BitTorrent of Microsoft I would think.

See also 10 laws from MS:


Beside that, as Lord already pointed out is there nothing more that this forum can do for you to help since noone here knows what you have used and/or done to your system with this nonofficial stuff. Sorry.

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