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Little yellow error sign


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In Utorrent, when im downloading something in the toolbar thing down the bottom it has a little yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it. It says that i have no incoming connections and unless the icon turns green it could indicate a problem with my conncections. Iv tested the port it selected and it says "Error! Port 25591 does not appear to be open." Is that slowing down my download speed or doesn't it matter?


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Iv done everything it says to in the user guide

the colour of the network status is yellow

The port checker says "Error! Port 25591 does not appear to be open."

Speed guide says: Connection type "Use selected settings"

Affected settings:

Upload limit: 13 kb/s

Upload slots: 3

Connections: 55

Connections (Global): 90

Max active torrents: 1

Max active downloads: 1

Net.max_halfopen is set to 4

Iv got windows Vista home Basic

I have AVG free, Ad-aware and spybot search and destroy

My router is a D-Link but i think the modem is built into the router and i think its a DVG-1402S

Im not sure how to check the ISP

I think my connection is DSL

And the speed test at dslreports.com says my download speed is 419Kb/s and my upload speed is 98Kb/s. My latency is 210ms.

Do u need my computer specks? Thanks

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This is probably similar to my issue. It's Windows x64. I have no idea where the problem lies, and have yet to find a solution.

Modem is all set the right way, everything is set the way it should.

I get 1.7 MB/s (yes MegaBytes) download (which is about the max for this connection) and the max upload I set as well, yet with µT version 1.7.5 the icon is now RED !?!

Really, have any of you tested uTorrent under Windows XP Pro x64 Edition ?

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I have solved this long lasting ongoing issue:

Thomson SpeedTouch 780WL was at fault!

BAD MODEM, bad network software in those modems. Stupid firmware. These are very strange modems. They just seem to be picky towards certain NICs and certain OSs. Totally and utterly ridiculous. I'll strongly advice against the use of Thomson SpeedTouch from now on.

Good modem-brand for BitTorrent: BILLION ! Especially the new BiPack 740xVGP-M range. Amazing box!

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