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VPN disconnects after period of time


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New utorrent user here...

1) Main computer has uTorrent loaded and is connected to DSL via Westell 327 router

2) Laptop also connected to router via Ethernet (wireless has same result) uTorrent NOT loaded

I use the laptop for work and have to run Cisco VPN to get to my company's network. Since loading uTorrent on the home computer, my VPN connection on the laptop is subject to random drops. Was working fine b4 uTorrent was installed.

Sometimes I get dropped VPN connection after 5 min, sometimes 20.

I don't have any trouble with IE connection on the laptop when not running VPN.

Any help is appreciated!

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I know this is an old post, but I too have this issue. Anytime utorrent (or any BT client)) is running and I connect my work vpn, the vpn just goes dead. It doesn't disconnect but just doesn't pass through traffic and I have to disconnect and re-dial the vpn every few minutes.

This is true even if the torrent client and the vpn are being used on two different machines over the same router.

Both machines are windows based. I am fairly handy with routing tables. But what's maddening is that I just cannot fathom what could be causing the issue. I have also tried setting the machine running the torrent client as the dmz host but in vain.

Any insights?

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^^No, this is my work vpn for working from home. This is not a vpn setup to pass-through the torrent traffic for anonymity or whatever reason. I don't want torrent traffic through the vpn but through the public gateway. Hope I am clear.

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I have unchecked "Use default gateway on remote network" and added routing table entries to route only selected IP addresses through the vpn connection. So basically, no Internet traffic gets through the vpn.

I know this works because the remote network has a firewall that blocks all non-work related domains/IP addresses. But with this setup, I can do work and, say, check facebook/orkut at the same time.

But somehow torrent traffic will make the vpn "unresponsive" just after 5 mins. Don't have a clue why.

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