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Hi guys. I've been having great problems attempting to run torrent programs like azureus and utorrent... i kept getting blue screens during uploads. I switched to utorrent and got the nvappfilter warning, ignored it, and found that this program lasted a lot longer before causing my pc to restart. I went through a horribly long and tedious process of removing NAM, and it's FINALLY gone from my add/remove programs... but nvappfilter remains in my system folder! I looked around and found that the only solution to get rid of nvappfilter is to remove NAM, which I did....... So how come nvappfilter is still around? Removing it manually disconnects me.

I'm being optimistic and hoping that it keeps me connected, that utorrent sees it and is warning me, but with NAM off my system perhaps it won't effect my transfers??? Thoughts?

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