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Where is 1.1.3 download link??


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i checked this url:http://www.utorrent.com/download/releases/

and i got this: the server doesnt seem to be showing it...

Index of /download/releases

Name Last modified Size

[DIR] Parent Directory 23-Sep-2005 17:17 -

[ ] utorrent-1.1.2.exe 26-Sep-2005 16:16 83k

[ ] utorrent-1.1.exe 21-Sep-2005 16:36 82k

Apache Server at www.utorrent.com Port 80

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Weird. Perhaps your DNS servers are still seeing the previous host? If you see a box on the main page with a message about moving to a new host (not the one in the annoucements box, it's another one above that, in a box all by itself) it means that you're seeing the old page. Give it a few hours/days for dns to propagate..

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