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Seeds seperate cap/uncap rule


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Hey! I'm here to make another feature request. This might be less controversial, but who knows. So here it is:

It would be nice if you can have torrents that are downloading follow a global upload cap while having seeds upload at a new rate such as "unlimited."

So, imagine this scenario:

Three torrents are downloading and their upload is 16 KB/s collectively or per torrent. There is one seed and it is unlimited for uploading. This feature is helpful to people that are paranoid of ISP's such as Optimum Online that throttle you for uploading too much for too long. It's cruel and unusual, so I usually set my seeds to keep seeding until they achieve 1:1 ratio. It's fair enough, I'd say, according to my circumstances.

Unfortunately, with µTorrent, you can't specify for seeds to have a seperate cap/uncap rule. They just follow the global maximum rule. This makes all my seeds crawl at like 1 KB/s. I might still get throttled by my ISP for uploading so long. Thus, it would be real nice to have this essential feature to let seeds follow a seperate uploading rule. It would help me finish seeding my share a whole lot faster.

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