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What does this mean in uTorrent: %


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Hello, I have 2 questions for the program uTorrent.

1: I wish to know what the following tool means in uTorrent:

I am seeding a file and if i click on 'peers' I see '%'. What does this '%' means? Because i see some people have completed 7,6% even if they have downloaded like 18MB from 2GB?? How come it says 7,6% then, doesnt has to say 0,6% or something?

2: Again in the 'peers' section it says that for example 10 people are downloading. Some of them are uploading with 12,7 kb/s and others 3,5 kb/s. So what i want to know: 1. is the 12,7 kb/s the upload speed from only my file/computer? or 2.the speed he gets in total? So if the first answer is correct, then he might have like 40 kb/s because he is downloading from other peers too.. I hope you understood me.


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It should be noted that "Peer dl." is an estimation -- a very inaccurate one at that, but an estimation nonetheless.

If you've got any questions as to what this or that option/item is in µTorrent, check the manual/help file on the download page or the second link in my signature.

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