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Cannot open port


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I'm trying to get a bittorrent client to work on my PC. I thought it might have been a router/port forwarding problem at first. However I also have a mac, and have a bittorrent client running on that. I have set up a static ip for the mac, and port forwarded in the router. Everything works fine - both the utorrent site and grc.com say that the required port is open.

When I do the same on the pc, the port is always set to stealth. I have a static ip set up and ports forwarded correctly, and have put the port and program into windows firewall exceptions. I even put my pc into a DMZ and turned off the windows firewall, and still all my ports are stealth according to grc.

I don't know what can be going wrong. It must be an issue with the pc, as the network itself can be set up to work with another computer. bittorrent does function but is slow. Is there some part of the windowss firewall which is not disablable. I have SP2. I don't think i have any other firewalls unless one is running surrepticiously in another program. (doubtful).


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