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Computer Lockup Problem


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Hey guys,

I'm having a problem. Whenever I start uTorrent, after several seconds, my entire computer will lockup, the mouse is frozen, and I have to reboot.

I had this problem on another machine as well. It seems to be when it's checking the files from another hard drive (internal, although on the other machine it was external, if I'm remembering correctly that it indeed did happen on my other machine).

It seems like it's larger downloads it happens with, and when it's checking. I just opened uTorrent to check the file-sizes, but it locked up and I lost my old post.

I'm running Vista Ultimate. Same as my other machine.

Wired connection. I also have the TCP connections patch which would increase the number of "half open" connections. Same as the other machine. I don't remember if that happened because I implemented this patch. I'll have to undo and see if it still happens (that'll be my next step).

If that doesn't work, I'll delete what's been downloaded (they were 3 incomplete files, which were in various stages of completion. They were all 5+gb).

There's nothing in the error log either, except for "System experienced an unexpected shutdown at [time]".

No malware, viruses or firewall issues. I'm a developer so I'm fairly computer savvy.

I am running the latest uTorrent, downloaded it today and it still happened.

I haven't had issues in any other programs similar to this.

Thanks guys! I'll report back with what I can find. This has been an ongoing issue for me at least. I couldn't find any other threads with this.


Hm, it said I was double posting. So here's the update:

I reversed the TCP connections limit, and didn't make a difference.

I deleted the data, and it started the download from scratch. It hasn't crashed yet.

The file sizes with 4gb, 6gb, and 8gb. All approximate. I deleted one at a time, and the crashing only seized after all of them were removed. They're all on an external drive.

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