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PLEASE HELP, Download STUCK at 99.9%


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Im downloading a torrent and each time that it gets 30kb remaining it starts again at 1mb and never ends. IM GETTING A LOT OF HASHFAILS!

Im using µTorrent 1.7.5, Windows Vista, a 3com OfficeConnect Wireless 54Mbps 11g Cable/DSL Router.

I read this in the uTorrent website:

"I get tons of hashfails on my torrents, and the torrent never finishes (D-link routers, any other router with game mode DMZ)

If you gets lots of hash fails on your torrents with a D-Link router, make sure DMZ mode isn't on. The DMZ mode in this router (called game mode) mangles packets and causes corruption like this, preventing you from completing a torrent. "

But i dont have a D-Link router :S


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