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Sandvine workaround... Thinking of.


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My ISP (Israel>012) got new fancy sandvine hardware and just killed me as seeder.

It closes every torrent connection that runs over israeli border...

...but, in the other hand, i have apache web-server running on my computer, and able to share files over http without any interference from sandvine's side at my best rates...

So, all i need is to use my apache for seeding, and here comes the term "webseed" - some way to use web-servers as seeders and add them to .torrent files - that is still under developement and going to be implemened in 1.8...

That looks like solution, ain't it? At least for seeding.

It's just a spark in darkness, but who knows, fire borns in sparks :)

UPD: That seems to be sidestep off torrent protocol, or even attempt of its rejection... at least for peer-to-peer traffic.

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In case of publishing new torrent...

Anyway, if i'll hardcode my web-server into .torrent file when i publish it, i'll be able to seed from my web server, right?

Who gets the credit for this upload? - user who upped the .torrent to the tracker?

As i found out, web-seed is being used in cases there is no other seeders available, in uTorrent implementation, so i need to go offline with my uTorrent and leave server running so others will use it instead, to be able to pre-seed...

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@S3T: Indeed, µTorrent uses the webseed only if it can't find the piece it wants anywhere else in the swarm, and rightfully so; the webseeds are, at best, treated as backup seeds only.

As for who gets credit... I'm not really sure what you're referring to. If you're referring to ratio credit for the webseed's upload, no one gets the credit, as the webseed isn't a real seed in the swarm (and so it doesn't announce to the tracker).

Finally, if you hardcode the webseed into the .torrent file as per the specs described here, and redistribute the modified .torrent file, then yes, the web server will become a backup seed in the swarm (provided at least one other person in the swarm is using the updated .torrent file).

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